T-8 vs T-12 bulbs

>From: krandall at world_std.com (Karen A Randall)
>Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 23:18:15 -0500
>Subject: T-8's, Trading Post and Cold Weather
>Subject: T8 vs. T-12

>T-8's are 1" in diameter instead of 1 1/2".  They run on an

>The bad news is that you can't walk into any old hardware store
>and find them. (yet)  They are used primarily for energy efficient
>commercial lighting.  You need to find a place that supplies
>lighting for COMMERCIAL purposes.  Phillips and GE both produce
>comparable bulbs, but the ones I use are GE SPX50 bulbs. I pay $5
>each for them.

Karen, Not true in this part of the world. T-8 is the common bulbs
that can be found in department stores and hardware shops. T-12 bulb
is considered endangered specie here. I was surprise at first to get
the thicker Triton, having used to the thinner bulbs for ages. We have
also been using it on common ballast, not the electronic type.