Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #59

> From: Earle Hamilton
> A recent digest mentioned mercury vaport lite (175 watt) at about
> sixty bucks.  Saw an add for one at a local hardware store for only
> thirty bucks.  Is anybody out there using mercury vapor lites.  What
> are the pros and cons of using them compared to MH.

If those lights are called wonder lites they are real MV lights, self balasting and work great for plants.  I find that one, mounted at an angle
is fine for a 40gal tank.  They do produce quite a bit of heat so plan on an
open top or ventilate well (use a fan).  They are rated for about 20,000
hours so should be good for two years...  I have been running with mine
for a year now.

Ed Tomlinson (tomlins at cam_org)
Montreal, Canada

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