Re: Plant Exchange

What if all parties interested in exchanging plants were to submit
lists of the plants they sought and those (preferably uncommon)
that they had available for exchange. These lists could be sent to
and compiled by some altruistic, centrally located (Atlanta?)
individual. Then a day would be chosen when everyone would mail their
packages to the hub city. The volunteer(s) would collect/open the
boxes, redistribute the plants as best he could according to plan, 
and then remail them the next day. Overall costs would be low, a wide
assortment of species would be made available to all, and the only
person to suffer headache would be the transshipper. Return postage
would be collected in advance of course. One might end up with an
awful lot of hygro though.

Unfortunately, Canadians cannot participate as phytosanitary certificates
are required for transborder shipment.

Question: Does anyone know if Delaware Aquatics bothers to ship to
          customers in Canada?

          I've got something rotting in my tank, sold as Moneywort.
          Have my doubts as to whether it's an aquatic. What is it?