Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #55

>Date: 6-NOV-1995 14:25:22.61
>Subject: plants in Tanganyikan tank
>Hi folks-
>Now that I've got my 29g planted tank up and running, I'm in the midst of
>setting up a 55g lake Tanganyikan tank and I'd like to keep some hardy, 
>vegetarian-proof plants in pots as well. I'm hoping to include some anubias
>valisneria, java fern/moss at least and possibly some crypts /swords if 
>possible. I know very few plants are found in the natural habitat, but I'm 
>hooked on plants (ie- no tank is complete without SOME live plants :)
>Anyone done this with success (I know some people have) and any ideas for
>substrate composition in the pots? The tank itself will have a fine sand
>substrate but I can put anything in the pots. I'm thinking mainly small gravel
>and some laterite, but I've heard peat and soil used with success. Will the
>small amounts of peat in a 4" or so pot really affect the water quality
>drastically? BTW- the tank will most likely have a minimum of 2 4ft Chroma50s
>or Vitalights, with the possibility of a third and fourth, if necessary.
>(I'll need the algae for the vegetarians...)

        I have had a dozen different plants in clay pots for a year
succesfully, but worry about anaerobic activity . Replaced six pots
recently with open plastic ones. I used equal parts gravel and charcoal and
sphagnum moss. Read that recipe from an internet page somewhere. The
advantage is that cleaning the gravel is easier. The disadvantage is that
it looks unnatural.

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