Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #61

> > I've read reports of siphons like this, but no details were given, so
> > here's my hypothesis. Presumably the seal around the bottle is
> > imperfect, so it does leak some gas.
> Any leak sufficient to cause this would mean the CO2 system was
> unusable since you would not have enough pressure to bubble
> CO2 into the water. It just leaks out too fast. I know, it has
> happened to me. I have also had the siphon effect a couple of
> times when I turn off the powerhead before I disconnect the
> tube. There is enough negative pressure to get it going. It
> siphons a cup or two into the yeast reactor. Probably fouls
> up the yeast with bacteria. Not desirable but no disastrous.

I have had the connection between the brass valve I use to regulate 
flow and my DIY generator 
come off due to the pressure before.  Using these friction fittings, it 
is very likely that one which is normally tight could be working loose 
and give way just when the siphon is going.  So I have two options.

 - play the odds that I won't have a catastrophic failure, flooding my 
apartment and killing all of my fish.

 - use a $1 check near the top of the tank to stop reverse flow.