Re: bacopa v's algae

simon mann <mann at alf_chem.su.oz.au> asks for advice:

> powerglo).  The problem is that even though the plants are
> growing well so is the algae.  A recent outbreak of thread
> algae and possibly staghorn algae as well as high quantities
> of everpresent hair and smaller amounts of brush on the
> leaves of some amazon swords is proving unsightly.  What can
> I do?  The tank already contains a bristlenose and 4 dwarf
> otos.  I have the option of upping the wattage to 160W by
> adding 2 more 48"fluoros.  Any suggestions would be
> appreciated.

I'd suggest that your 55g is underplanted and allowing the algae to 
bloom.  Fill the puppy with plants and vary the lighting only if you need 
to for the particular plants you select.   
Anyone agree or disagree?          
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