mercury vapor lights

From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM

>> 3. Though I have read of some people using mercury vapor lamps, I have
>> read very little on how effective they are.  I saw an ad today for a 175
>> watt mercury vapor lamp for $60, including the bulb.

> It might not be as energy efficient as fluorescent or MH but I think it 
> would work. Doesn't mercury vapor have a strong single color (red?) which
> might not look too aesthetic?

If I recall Dynamic Aquaria correctly, mercury vapor lights are actually 
high in the blue end of the spectrum.  In my original post I was hoping to 
find out if these lights would be a viable for someone that was trying to 
achieve good results at the low end.  I have seen these lights mentioned in 
a couple of plant articles from magazines and they are also referred to 
briefly in the Optimum Aquarium.  I have been considering trying them for 
some time now.

-- Darrell