Re: Echinodorus 'Rubin'

Subject: Echinodorus Rubin

Steven Hicks writes:
> I just purchased a couple of larger echinodorus (a paniculatus a
> osirus which Mike at Delaware Aquatics calls a 'red rubins') and
> rearrange my tank a bit. <snip>

> Also, how deep a substrate do I need for ~15" echinodorus?  My g
> is 3", which is working fine for the small/medium plants I have.
> 'aquascape' a bit to get deeper substate in the back of the tank
> two new swordplants?

I keep the substrate in the back of my big tanks about 6" deep for 
the bigger plants.  BTW, With good care, your 'Rubin' will get a 
good bit more than 15"  Mine is about 24".  Still, it's similar to 
a horemanii in looks (even prettier, I think) and not nearly as 
big as that one gets!<g>

BTW, the 'Rubin' is _not_ a  martii x osirus.  It was developed by 
the Hans Barth nursery in Dessau, Germany.  It is the result of an 
F2 hybridization between E. barthii and E. horemanii 'Rot'(red).  
It resembles its horemanii parent strongly, although fortunately 
it is not quite as large.  I love the "stained glass" look of the 
translucent red tissue between the green veins.

Another alternative which I frequently use for swords in my tanks 
it to put them in pots.  That way, I can renew the substrate as 
needed for these large, fast growing plants without disturbing the 
entire tank.  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA