Re: Reflectors, Glass, and Fans

Ron Wozniak  Allentown PA, USA 
     You are right about the Reflective insulator most likely
raising the tempereture of my bulbs.  I am in the works to add
computer fans to get more cross venilation to cool the bulbs.  I might
even get rid of the stuff and use it only on smaller tanks.  I think
that the foil like surface skatters the light a bit much, and a flat
glossy white SOMETHING will work better.
     I do NOT however use any sort of glass to cover the top of my
tank.  Sure the evaporatioon is about 1/2 gallon a day, but it doesnt
bother me really.  Infact it reminds me to do my 2 water changes a
week.  (small and off the top)
     Glass can filter out some spectrum of light.  For example, that
is one of many reasons why you will not see glass tops on good
tropical reptile aquaria.  This is why you will not get a sun burn
when in a car with the windows up, yet with them down, you get burned
quickly.  Besides, if the glass is dirty due to water ripples, it
serves only to be a further filter to the lighting setup you paid so
much for.
Justin Frese 
Fresno Ca
justinf at zimmer_csufresno.edu