fw:Mercury vapor lites AND shop light question for "the George"

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Nov 07 23:42:00 1995

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 Subject:    Mercury vapor lites AND shop light question for "the George"

A recent digest mentioned mercury vaport lite (175 watt) at about sixty 
bucks.  Saw an add for one at a local hardware store for only thirty 
bucks.  Is anybody out there using mercury vapor lites.  What are the 
pros and cons of using them compared to MH.

George, I saw in a post you made some time back that we should not use 
the cheap shop lights.  Did I miss something?  What is wrong with buying 
a ten dollar double bulb 4' fixture at the discount store?

Bought one of those cheap lux meters ($40) and was surprised at the 
values being so low, especially in the non MH lit tanks.  
Several tanks that are supporting crypts don't get a signifcant reading.
This may be one of those places where the inverse square law and other 
theory aren't too important when you can get real numbers from fairly 
cheap test equipment.  We spend a fortune of lights, fertilizers, books, 
test kits etc.  I suggest we consider these underwater light meters to 
shed some light :) on the most important variable in making plants grow 
(other than water, that is).  

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew