Anubias Hastifolia?

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a liking for anubias species.
I have three types at the moment all doing well: nana, barteri & congensis.
When I saw a large specimen for sale recently I had to find space to squeeze
it in.

I am sure it is some type of anubias but doesn't appear in my books, the shop
owner said it was Aubias Hastifolia, has anybody heard of this or seen it in
their plant books? I would be interested in any information.

It looks like a very big A. nana: same colour, shape of leaf, stem etc, except 
that it is about 3x as big as a nana (approx 16 inches). If this description
fails to produce any responses I may be forced to use the scientific glossory
and measure me spathes, peduncles and all.