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 >> From: Tomasz Nidecki <Tomasz.Nidecki at f78_n480.z2.fidonet.org>
 >> Does anyone know a plant which looks like the following:
 >> - - leaves set like in a Hygrophila
 >> - - growns well both submersively and emersively
 >> - - emersive form has a "hairy" stem
 >> - - leaves look just like oak leaves (such shape), light
 >> green, like other hygrophilas, but there is no leaf base
 >> (sorry for my limited English - how do you call the part
 >> between the actual leaf and the stem?) meaning the leaf is
 >> set on the stem directly, with part of the leaf even growing
 >> around the stem and joined with the leaf on the oposite side

 GB> Hmmm, I would guess Shinnersia rivularis ("Mexican Oak Leaf").

Which family does it come from?

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