Re: Peat Substrate, Mercury Vapor Lights, Flourish, etc.

>From: morven at YKnet_YK.CA (Kathy Morven and Darrell Roze)

>This tank has not been going well.  The substrate is composed of about of an 
>inch of vermiculite, mixed with a small amount of black topsoil.  I have 
>about an inch of fine gravel on the top of this.  I have been using the same 
>15 watt light I used on my 20 gallon tank in Vancouver.  The water here is 

Could be your light is too old?  Try a new or brighter bulb.  

>1.  There was talk a while back about Flourish, an aquatic plant fertilizer. 
> Has anyone out there been using this product and would you recommend it?  I 
>am a little concerned that the product seems a little too good to be true.

Yes, I use it and recommend it.  It has brought many almost dead plants back
to life for me.  

Good luck,