plants in Tanganyikan tank

Hi folks-

Now that I've got my 29g planted tank up and running, I'm in the midst of
setting up a 55g lake Tanganyikan tank and I'd like to keep some hardy, 
vegetarian-proof plants in pots as well. I'm hoping to include some anubias
valisneria, java fern/moss at least and possibly some crypts /swords if 
possible. I know very few plants are found in the natural habitat, but I'm 
hooked on plants (ie- no tank is complete without SOME live plants :)

Anyone done this with success (I know some people have) and any ideas for
substrate composition in the pots? The tank itself will have a fine sand
substrate but I can put anything in the pots. I'm thinking mainly small gravel
and some laterite, but I've heard peat and soil used with success. Will the
small amounts of peat in a 4" or so pot really affect the water quality
drastically? BTW- the tank will most likely have a minimum of 2 4ft Chroma50s
or Vitalights, with the possibility of a third and fourth, if necessary.
(I'll need the algae for the vegetarians...)

Thanks for any advice,
dsung at wesleyan_edu