iron deficiency

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how many drops of
Duplarit 24 it take to get a 225 gallon tank with 0 iron up
to .1 ?

I've been putting in 2 ml per day (about 50 drops), and still
haven't gotten a reading with a Sera Fe kit. I'm concerned
about this quantity since I read that around 10 drops/day
is reasonable for this size tank. I don't want to hurt my fish
while trying to help the plants.

I checked the test kit with a drop in a small qty of
water and it appears to work. There are no other
test kits available in town. I have a Dupla Fe kit, but
didn't know that the vial was a separate item, so
it is rather useless.

Is it possible that the severe Fe deficiency could cause
the plants to suck up everything available?

Before someone asks, I shut down the UVs before
I started, just in case.

Chemically confused,

Jon Wilson
jwilson at b856s3_ssc.af.mil