Interesting algae

> From: sywang at whale_st.usm.edu (Shiao Y. Wang)
> I'm seeking help identifying what I think is quite an attractive and
> interesting looking alga. It is brown in color and grows as a curly
> strand. It's texture is like velvet and looks like velvet also. Many
> strands originate from the same spot. The strands are approximately
> one mm in diameter and as long as ten cm when stretched out. It
> started out as a single clump on my driftwood (cypress) and is a slow
> growing alga. 

Gee, I thought this was unique to our discus tank.  We had some start
on drift wood about 3 years ago and now it is mainly on hardware like
the heater and pH probe holder.  It has not affected any plants.  This
has not appeared in any of our other tanks.  The discus tank is 83 F
and has softer water than the other tanks.

I have no idea what it's scientific name is.