Dupla products questions

> From: mleather at tbdmil_com
>         Well I finally located a source for Dupla products.  Little
> boxes or 7.98 and big boxes for 19.95.  Thing is they have diffrent
> letters on them like K.  Unfortunatly my reading ability in German is
> about equal to my reading ability in sanscrif.  So someone who uses
> the stuff please help me.  Which product do I purchase for what
> purpose?  How much of it should I use also?

"Duplarit-G" are laterite Granuals that are mixed in the substrate
when a tank is first setup.

"Duplarit-K" are laterite Klumps that can be added to an existing
tank.  The klumps are placed near the base of plants.

"Duplaplant tablets" are added at bi-weekly water changes to provide
the majority of trace elements needed by plants.  The tablets supply
the nutrients that are stable and will not be toxic in a two-week
dose.  There are two sizes: the smaller size treats 20 liters of new
water, the larger 50 liters.  The box should say something like "50
tablets for 1000 liters", i.e., the 20 liter size.

"Duplaplant-24 drops" are drops that are added daily to supply unstable
trace elements or those that would be toxic in a two week dose.  It's
dosed at about 1 drop per 50 liters but that will vary with tank
conditions.  It is best to have a good iron test kit like Lamotte and
to adjust the amount of drops used to acheive a 0.1 ppm iron

"Duplagan" is a water conditioner that helps the fish keep a healthy
slime coat.  It also supplies calcium and magnesium. 

You are probably better off buying these products mail order from
either Pet Warehouse (smaller sizes) or Daleco ("bulk" sizes). 

> Another intreasting thing same store also had SandPoint CO2 injection
> systems for $398.00 and Dupla's for $329.00.  They also claim they
> will be getting more types in that should market around $200.00.  Is
> there any advantage to the higher priced SandPoint system worth the
> extra money?  And what makes both of these systems so expensive?  The
> automatic metering?

The pH controller sells for about $250 by itself so that is the
priciest item.  Did the Dupla setup have a controller?  I doubt it. 
If you assemble a system yourself, you will have a higher capacity
system for less money.