RE: Underground heating

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Tim Burgess wrote:

> Steve,
> 	Thanks for your email a few days ago. Wow have I been busy! I know what 
> nichrome wire is (I come from and elecronic engineering background) could you 
> tell me the name of your supplier and if possible the manufacturer and any 
> cable part numbers - this will make it mauch easier for me to locate.

I got it from a place in Brisbane called G.K. (it's in Albion I think - a 
suburb of Brisbane, but it's in Abbotsford road) I can get the exact name 
if you like, but I have since found that Dick Smith stock it.  In their 
catalog it's only by the 4 metre, but I'm sure you could buy more of it...
I got the 17B&S gauge which is rated at 1.04 ohms per metre, and I used 
6.2 m.

> I am very interested in the details of your temperature controller (if you 
> are prepared to dsiclose them). 

The report has just been completed. I'm taking it down to the Aquarioum 
near me to show the guy there, I'll judge thereaction from him.  However, 
I don't think I will have any time next year to make them, It's a very 
fiddly thing to do!

> Have you got it installed and working yet? I know it's end of year at Uni for 
> you (I teach computing part time at TAFE) but surely the aquarium comes 
> before anything else in your life? If only ...... 

It works in a bucket, but I'm pulling down my tank probably next week, so 
I'll try it properly then. > 
> You explained that you were going to encase the nichrome wire in plastic 
> tubing, my only thought on this issue is to use heat shrink tubing. That way 
> it will naturally contract around the wire and get the air out of the cable - 
> better heat transfer has got to be the result. But the cost .... any thoughts
The plastic tubing is fine for heat transfer... it may take a minute 
longer to get hot and it doesn't get AS hot, but it still gets hot.  We 
had to join a gap with heat shrink and yes it was water tight, but the 

> As to life in the Barossa - well if you call computer consulting to farmers 
> and grape growers in the country desirable - then it is very desirable. Lots 
> of country, country folk - I love it.
> Catch you later Steve
Steve n1036416 at droid_fit.qut.edu.au (for only a few weeks more -yippe!)