Re: Window Lighting

Subject: Window Lighting

> >My other thought was regarding lighting.  We spend hundreds of 
> >buying lights that simulate sunlight.  What is so bad about put
> >tank in front of an open window with direct sunlight?  
> >
> >Patrick
> In one word - ALGAE! :)

Actually, it is entirely possible to achieve a "steady state" in a 
window lit aquarium.  It was the _only_ way people were able to 
grow plants in the "old days". (and some people grew remarkable 
beautiful plants with minimal equipment)

The biggest problem with window sill tanks is temperature control. 
 As Paul mentioned, you need to find a way of keeping the tank 
from overheating in direct sun, and also avoid the temperature 
dropping too much if the location gets too cold at night.

Sun light, itself, is _good_ for plants! (Just look 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA