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A most common use for compressed co2 is bars and restaurants.  It is
used when a keg of beer is tapped to keep it from going flat.  Also used 
for soda fountains where the syrup is added to carbonated water such as 
in MacDonalds.  I have been told the co2 is gathered from fermenting beer.

So to buy a tank of co2, find out what your local bar does.  Here in 
Michigan it is illegal to fill a tank without special certification so 
the co2 dealers "lease" a tank for 10 years and you bring the empty tank 
in and exchange it for a full one.

I am a little surprised nobody talking about DIY co2 units has not 
decided to make wine or beer.  The question then becomes what is the 
byproduct - the wine or the co2.  Guess it depends on how much you like wine.

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew