Re: Light Reflectors

>>From what I have been told by lighting experts, foil is less 
>reflective than a plain white glossy surface becase it scatters 
>the light.  Polished metal reflectors don't scatter light the way 
>foil does.

I also like the polished metal reflectors. Although the one marketed by
Aquarium Products is expensive, it is convenient to use and appears to
double the light output.

I am concerned however, by the recent comment of Wright Huntley. He said
that polished aluminum absorbs 20 % of the far red light. THis is something
that our eyes or a normal light meter will pick up. He suggests a painted
white surface, but I suspect that any white material would be roughly

He is probably right (<g>), since he was on the money regarding lighting and
depth. After I read his comments, I covered some of the interior surface of
my lighting assembly with white contact paper to increase the reflectivity.
I am still using the aluminum reflectors however. 

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