Re: Aponogeton propagation

Karen wrote:
> If you get flowers on two plants developing at the same time, rub 
> the flowers gently against each other to see if you can get them 
> to cross polinate.  

From Rataj & Horeman they state that A crispus commonly sold is a hybrid.
The true crispus has purple leaves. I have a couple of specimens of
the green (hybrid) variety and one has a flower stalk. There was no
mention if the hybrids are self-fertile and I've tried to pollinate
the one I have but there is no evidence of seed development so far after
about a week. There is a single white inflorescense; the pollen is
yellow. Anybody know how long pollen is viable for? Perhaps we could
exchange some via snail mail or you could collect some for a future
attempt. You don't get much; just a tiny bit of yellow dust. When you
touch the flower, you can notice a tiny yellow dust cloud puff up for
a second or so if you have good light at the right angle. Neat.

As far as that goes, there are a lot of Aponogetons which you might be
able to use to pollinate your crispus to produce your own hybrid. :-)