Re: Ludwigias??

The Dennerle book (System for a problem-free aquarium) has quite a few
(10 varieties) of Ludwigia pictures.

I have a couple of Ludwigia pictures in the Krib archive that I think
is Ludwigia repens x arcuata (based on the shape, color, and country of origin)
Here are the URL's:

(emerged, color corrected with fluorescent filter)

(submersed, the color is too green since I did not use fluorescent filter
when I took the picture)

>From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM
>Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 14:04:47 PST
>Subject: Re: Ludwigias??
>Did anybody find any good pictures of Ludwigia species yet? or have
>any ideas what the two species or varieties are that I have if they
>are in fact Ludwigia? My description was in APD 1-028 Monday, 23 Oct 95.
>Thanks! - Steve