Re: light reflectors

>From: Hardjono.Harjadi at Eng_Sun.COM (Hardjono Harjadi)
>Another relecting material that I have been pleased with is reflective mylar.
>This is the stuff used for RC models. Just get the black one :)
>Just kidding ! The silver color is the best one. It's very easy to work
>with and no sticky material involved. It has heat activated glue coating. 
>So you just need to hold it in place and blast hot air (I used hair dryer) on 
>it. The final result is a clean smooth surface.

I've had good luck with this stuff too (one of the more common trade names is
"Monocote", if anyone wants to go to the RC shop looking for it.  You want
the "Chrome" color).  The only thing I'd add is that for touching this stuff
up (it tends to tear if you're doing a clumsy job of drilling once you put
it on :-) I found a roll of self-adhesive reflective aluminum tape in the
"heating and air conditioning" section of the local hardware store.  This
also works well for taping down cable runs to end caps, fans, etc, on top of
the mylar. The stuff sticks great and seems to hold up well in marine
applications, so it should work well in freshwater too, I'd think.

- Chuck