Reflectors and Stuff

     There has been all this talk about reflectors and substitutes.  I
have found the stuff I use to work quite well.  I have previously
described it before.  It is intended as a heat insulator, and I've
seen it at car shows intended to put in the engine compartment to
reduce a cars cab tmperature.  It looks like stiff sheets of bubble
packing material covered with foil.  It has drastically reduced the
temperature of my hood.  It used to be very warm to the touch.

>     Has there been any resolution to the suggestion of putting a
>solid iron nail into the fish tank? 
      I was thinking the same thing (but couldnt bring myself to ask:)
Before they had vitamins they used to stick nails into apples and let
them rust to get more iron when they ate the apple.  I dont know if it
works though.

Justin Frese    Fresno Ca, USA