Aponogeton propagation

Subject: A. Crispus propagation


> Another suggestion, from Karen Randall, was that the plant may n
> self-fertile.  I have two of these, but only one has generated a
> The first A. crispus began putting up spikes shortly after the f
> leaves reached the surface.  The second one just has not develop
> same degree as #1.  It may be getting out-competed and is probab
> planted too close, about 2" separation.  If #2 starts to develop
> spikes, will the two plants pollinate one another?  It seems tha
> would be beneficial in any case.  Should I do anything to help t
> pollination, when I do get flower spikes from #2?

If you get flowers on two plants developing at the same time, rub 
the flowers gently against each other to see if you can get them 
to cross polinate.  

> From: HeathDA at agresearch_cri.nz

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA