Concerned about Hygros


I'm concerned about my Hygros :( Something is wrong - the
thick, old stems are dying on me (becoming white and slowly
disappearing) and some young leaves don't want to grow (they
look wrinkled and shrunk). What could go wrong? The
following actions could have lead to this:

- replanting (I replanted the Hygros two or three weeks ago
to allow them to grow in groups)
- special Tetra plant nutrition stuck in the substrate near
the roots (this should help, not destroy...)
- peat put into the sand near the roots
- liquid plant nutrition added to the water

Which one (ones) could possibly cause this and is there a
chance things get back to normal, or do I have to get rid of
some of the mentioned elements (like do a water change,
undig the stuff I put near the roots, etc.)?

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