Earthworm Castings & more More MORE

OK - I found the catolog source for earthworm castings.  These folks also
have a bewildering array of hydroponics supplies, lighting (MH fixtures,
"verilux" fluoros, etc), fertilizers, composters, birdfeeders,
homebrewer/vintner supplies - even natural gas fueled CO2 generators (for
greenhouses - try in a fishtank at your own risk ;-)... on and on.

They're even on the web!  I haven't checked 'em out yet, but here's the URL:

Their worm castings are available in 1/2 cubic foot size @$9.95, and 1cf
@$15.95.  Shipping is steep as this stuff is heavy - add $5 per 1/2cf bag,
and $10 per 1cf bag.  800-274-9676 is the telephone #.  Geez - they even sell
food dehydrators!  Skim your local pond & dry your own mosquito wigglers...
boggles the mind, eh?  They're located at 3151 South Highway 446, Bloomigton
IN 47401.

Please - do share any ordering experiences with these peeps!

Anne Hull Seales
Santa Cruz CA