Re: too many roots!!!

>Justin Frese wrote, Oct 26

>     Whats the deal with all of these roots!!!  I have roots coming
>out all over from a couple of my plants.  One particular one (I still
>dont know the name) has roots coming out of every segment of its
>stem..Every joint where a new few leaves stick out from there are
>roots.  I mean a lot!  They used to be just little things, but now
>they are branching, and branching again!  I have little white upside
>down trees growing out of my poor plants!  The Stems even bend twards
>the substrate like they are going to root and break off.  Seems a bit
>strange to me.
>     Is this a sign of something bad?  It doesn't look good.
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Hygrophila polysperma naturally produces branching roots from every stem
node.  Hydrocotyle leucocephala sends out clusters of unbranched roots from
every node.  There are probably other plants that do this, too. It may not
look nice, but it is natural for the species.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174