Re: safe iron levels

> From: "T. Misiak" <misiak at fsu_fsufay.edu>
> 	I have a 55g tank with fine gravel substrate and dupla laterite. 
> The tank is pretty well planted with a variety of echinodorus,
> valiseneria, and hygrophila species plants.  I have been using the 24
> drops and the dupla tablets (at water changes) but have discontinued using
> them in attempt to lower the Fe level.  According to my LaMotte kit, the
> iron is about 0.3-0.35 ppm The fish, 2 cobalt discus, are breathing rather
> heavily (iron associated?).  In any case, what is a "safe"/"ideal" Fe
> concentrations in a fish/plant tank?  Is it the laterite that keeps the
> iron at this level?  My tap has less than 0.05ppm Fe, and I change about
> 7-10 gallons weekly.  The tank is filtered by an Aquaclear 300 with double
> sponge and no carbon or any other media.  Ph 6.6, temp 86F, light 80W
> (triton/vita).  Thanks for any help on this matter.   Tom

You can help reduce iron concentration by using activated charcoal
filtration temporarily. I believe George has said that laterite will
increase Fe concentrations initially but later on you need to rely upon
supplemental drops etc. - Steve