Re: Gruesome Display

John Schmaus <schmaus at dr_att.com> wrote:
> BTW the graphic mental image I got from reading the below just about
> spoiled my lunch!  Charley, you ought to become a writer!  In case
> you missed the replay of Aliens, here it is, once again:
> > From: Charley Bay <charleyb at hpgrla_gr.hp.com>
> > Oh, yeah--If you are looking for an awesome Sci-Fi plot for your
> > next gory movie, just scale-up the current processes that take
> > place at the micro-level.  That's what brought us the Alien series.
> > (I've seen close-up slides of the convulsing caterpiller as it
> > squeals and thrashes while the wasp larvae bursts through the
> > caterpiller's side in a gooey and gruesome display of mandibles and
> > erupting guts).

Er, uh, um, oooops.  Sorry about that.

My wife has been getting on me lately about my "socially 
inappropriate" behavior.  Unfortunately, I don't see it most
of the time.  She points it out to me, and I still don't see

I tell her it's genetic, and it's not my fault, but that I'm
looking for a support group.

I will try to constrain such graphic descriptions to the
"Midnight" run of the Aquatic Plants List.  :-)

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