Number of Algae Eaters

> Subject: Number of algae eaters

> Could someone give some advice on how many algae eaters is too m
> a 48 gallon planted tank. The plants are just getting going. I h
> red brush algae starting up and I would like to get an SAE to he
> this. Just how much algae does an SAE need? Would it be a good i
> two? I have 4 otos already that seem to eat all the time. I don'
> end up with starving fish.

I can't give you any specifics on the exact number of algae eaters 
you'll need, but SAE's are schooling fish, and even if they would 
be happy singly, you'd miss half the fun of having them.  The 5 I 
have in my 70G swim in tight formation most of the day.  I have 
become fond enough of them that I'd keep them even if they didn't 
eat algae.  Fortunately, they are not _only_ algae eating fish.  
They are quite happy to take what ever else is offered as well.  
Otos are a different story.  They _really_ need vegetable matter, 
and if you don't have enough algae to support them, you _will_ 
need to supplement with vegetable based food.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA