Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #32

re:  Flea Bombs

 >> omb & Moving Aquariums   I just moved to a new appartment and am
 >> fortunate that I could leave  my aquarium behind for a few days
 >> because I discovered that the  previous residents had pets and left
 >> fleas.  I flea-bombed the house  on Sunday and fortunately have not
 >> yet moved the aquarium here to the  new apartment.  How long should I
 >> wait until I move the aquarium down here--in the  better interest of
 >> my fish and plants?  I sort of think I should be  able to move it
 >> this weekend (6 days later) unless someone thinks  there is still
 >> risidual poison that may filt

I'm not a bug expert, although I can be a pest, so this could be way off base,
but I think your problem will not be the spray, but rather the fleas.  As I
understand it the spray kills the adults, but not the eggs.  You will most
likely need to spray again, I think 10 days or 14 days after your first
spraying to get all of the fleas that will have hatched from the eggs before
they themselves can lay eggs.  You can also use several of the liquid sprays
and spray your carpet with that instead of the bombs.  Other then that I would
think 24 hours would be more then sufficient to insure no airborne particles
are left would be fine.

Sorry about all the qualifications in the above statement, but as I said,
expert in fleas and flea bombs I am not.