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Cool, my favourite subject again!
> I just bought a SAE this weekend (I think that they're also called
> "flying foxes"). 

No, not exactly.  They are also called "siamese flying foxes", but if
your fish was just a plain flying fox without that "siamese", I guess
that it really is a flying fox, Epalzeorhynchus kalopterus and not
a SAE, Crossocheilus siamensis.  The easiest way to tell these two 
apart is to look at the colour in their fins - transparent with SAE,
bold dark markings with FF, and mostly transparent except dorsal with
"false siamensis".

> I did recieve a warning that they were somewhat teritorial (he said
> like red tailed sharks, but I'm not familiar with those). 

Flying foxes are just like red-tailed sharks (Epalzeorhynchus bicolor),
but real SAEs are much more peaceful, and schooling.

> SAE's are supposed to be the best though. 

But of course they are the BEST in everything (well, perhaps everything
except eating hard green algae, staying small and timid, and being very
colourful).  They are my favourite fish, so they have to be the best :-)

Check the algae eater article by Neil Frank and me from my homepage.

Liisa Sarakontu                     INTERNET:    lsarakon at hila_hut.fi
Helsinki University of Technology   WWW homepage http://www.hut.fi/~lsarakon/


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