fw:Children great at helping Iron levels

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Subject:  Children great at helping Iron levels

Hi all. 
In the last few months my tank has been going through some changes. I
nuked a blue green algae outbreak and then things went very well until
the Ick attack. The medication I used did (as Karen warned me) have an
impact on my plants. Strangely it seems to have nearly destroyed the
Vals while not harming the crypts at all,  possibly a first ;) (Malachite
Green and Quinine hydrochloride were used). Then came the outbreak
of thread algae. You know, the stuff that grows in long filaments (some
up to a foot in 3 days). And along with this some shorter, tougher
staghorn growing around the base of some plants and in the gravel. 

I remembered reading that high Iron levels will contribute to these types
of algae so I cut the Dupla daily drops dosage in half. No luck. So I
thought that I'd just have to wait this one out. Then last night while
digging around in the tank (trimming, weeding, gardening, etc.) I saw a
long orange/brown object in the back of the tank behind some of the
rocks. Strange looking, kind of bumpy... AH HA a ten penny NAIL!!! It
turns out that my 5 year old was doing some "fishing" and dropped it in.
So now we will see if as the Iron levels go down the algae disappears?
And no, I don't have an Iron test kit...<sigh>.

Brad Lauchnor        blauchno at email_state.ut.us


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