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I do experiments with floating islands, nest sites and nest boxes for the wild
waterfowl that live in our urban lakes.  I've been very successful with the
floating islands but now I realize that the waterfowl need more than a nest
site to survive.  They need aquatic plants and all the small creatures that
live in them.  Unfortunately, most lake owners manicure and spray their lakes
so there is no shoreline vegetation.  To remedy this I'd like to build a
"floating" aquatic plant bed that would float near the nesting islands.   I can
handle the floatation issues so the bed floats a few inches below the surface. 
I was going to stretch fiberglass screening across an 8'x 8' frame made of PVC
tubing.  Then, I was going to put the aquatic plants on the screening.  This is
a novel approach.  I'm looking for comments, ideas or suggestions that anyone
might have on this attempt and how I might improve its success.


Ted Andresen

tandresen at space_honeywell.com


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