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Subject: Flea Bomb & Moving Aquariums

     I just moved to a new appartment and am fortunate that I could leave 
     my aquarium behind for a few days because I discovered that the 
     previous residents had pets and left fleas.  I flea-bombed the house 
     on Sunday and fortunately have not yet moved the aquarium here to the 
     new apartment.
     How long should I wait until I move the aquarium down here--in the 
     better interest of my fish and plants?  I sort of think I should be 
     able to move it this weekend (6 days later) unless someone thinks 
     there is still risidual poison that may filter into the aquarium in 
     lethal doses.
     Any thoughts?  Any impact this could have on my plants...I know what 
     it'll do to the fish if there is a toxic level of pesticide in the 


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