Dennerle's book


I got myself the Dennerle's book from Hobby Fish after reading 
Hardjono's mail. It arrived in slightly more than a week for 7.5 pound, 
postage included. A very good deal. I got a lots of inspiration from 
great colour pictures in this book and would be doing partial-replanting 
very soon. I have also reidentified some of my plants including 
E.Muricatus (E85) and E.Parviflorus "Tropica" (E137). I has been 
wondering why E137 did not grow tall after 6 months and now I know why. 
I will also try to limit E85 by potting it as suggested by the book.

I don't have Dupla's book so can't compare with it but this book worth 
every cents I spend on.

One question I have is has anyone on the list following the Dennerle's 
regiment? Like to hear about the success (failure?) stories. We have 
been hearing a lot about Dupla's regiment, so where is Dennerle.