Re: Algae eaters and other stuff

> Could someone give some advice on how many algae eaters is too many? I have
> a 48 gallon planted tank. The plants are just getting going. I have some
> red brush algae starting up and I would like to get an SAE to help with
> this. Just how much algae does an SAE need? Would it be a good idea to get
> two? I have 4 otos already that seem to eat all the time. I don't want to
> end up with starving fish.

SAEs are schoolers, and so they would do much better if you had 2-4 of them
instead of just one.  A lone SAE turns sometimes into an aggressive
fin-nipper, when a small school of them will do all the fighting among
themselves.  And if you feed your other fishes, SAEs won't starve.  They
eat anything small enough to fit their mouths!

> Without making myself look really weird.... has anyone ever eaten fish food.
> (Well, would you feed your fish stuff that you wouldn't eat yourself?)

Well, I have tasted dog-bisquits, dog sausage, few types of cattle 
food and rodent seed mixture when I have been taking care of furry
animals, but even I wouldn't try bloodworms or freeze-dried tubifex
I give my fish :-)

you asked some time ago if my bristlenoses have some white at the corners
of the biggest fins - yes, they do.

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