Re: Newbie Question

Cynthia wrote:

>From: u_powers at VENUS_TWU.EDU
>Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 22:24:29 CST
>Subject: Newbie Question
>Someone on the Aquarium list recently mentioned that the rock wool in which
>plants are grown/sold should be removed before planting - said he vaguely
>remembered reading that it played hell with water chemistry somehow.  
>I've neither read nor heard this, so I come to you, the experts, for
>elucidation.  :)
Hi Cynthia,

With absolutely no factual basis for it, I remove the pots and rock wool 
because I have *heard* that the plants are often heavily fertilized 
(particularly if they are grown emersed). That will cause havoc in a tank, 
if you aren't aware you are adding algae fodder, for example.

The fiberglass is quite inert in itself. It's the additives it can carry in 
we try to avoid. It's sort of like never adding store water when we bring in 
new fish. Provides insurance and doesn't hurt.


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