Re: Thread Algae

Neil Frank wrote:
> Lets talk about thread algae. In Baensch V2, one type is called green bunch
> algae. Booth called it staghorn algae. It is the one that forms irregularly
> branched threads from an attachment point. I can be seen attached to
> inanimate objects like powerheads, sometimes plant leaves. It forms coarse
> bunches or small clusters of tangled filaments, an inch or so in diameter.
> It is called Pithophora, a green alga, also known as horse hair algae.

Yes, I think I also have this same stuff. The filaments are not so fine
as other algaes; about that of a fine hair or thin thread. It is a light
green colour and fairly strong. It will attach to gravel and you can pull
up a bunch of it with bits of gravel. It is particularly troublesome in
Cabomba. Please advise as pulling it out by hand seems to be ineffective
since it always comes back and is worse than ever in about a week.