New tank problems, cont. :(

Ok, I'm a little discouraged.  I'm not getting the results I had hoped
for.  Maybe someone can lend some words of wisdom?
I thought I had an attack of green water.  My green water ended up being
new tank cloudy water.  The bright light and green plants gave the water
a green look to it.  Dumping a bunch into a white 5g bucket showed no
green coloration.  The water has been cloudy for about 2 weeks now and
hasn't shown any indication of clearing.  Although I didn't want to
invest in a diatom filter, I might have to so I can enjoy the tank.  My
other tanks have always cleared up in a week or so if they became cloudy
at all.
I also haven't noticed any ammonia, nitrite or nitrate buildup.  How can
biological filtration ever establish without a nitrogen source? Should I
increase the bioload on the tank?  I only have 4 Ottos, 4 Mollys and the
two F. acus.
Anyway, I'm wondering if I have too much light, too few fast growing
plants or some other inbalance because I have hair algae up the wazoo.
I have a little bit of spot algae, but it hasn't become a problem.  I
haven't noticed an accumulation of any other type of algae.
I want to get my terminology correct.  The stuff I have is green, soft
and grows kind of long.  I had some nice locks of hair growing in the
bottom of my skimmer cup.  I've since cleaned it and it hasn't come
back yet.  The plants however are getting it.  There may also be some
brush algae but since I've never had it I don't quite know how to
recognise it yet.  There is a fine "fur" on some of the leaves.  Maybe
its young hair algae.
I've decided its time to order some SAEs from Albany Aquarium.  I called
them yesterday and they have them for $5@ and $30 shipping.  Better than
what Ned's was wanting for them ($7 and $35 shipping).
Another problem.  I've got two farowellas.  I don't know if there is
enough of their kind of algae in the tank and they're abdomens are
looking a little empty.  What could I suppliment these guys with?  I'm
probably going to put one of them in my other tank since it does have
the standard green algae that grows on the rocks and accumulates on the
glass after awhile.
The Mollys appear quite happy with whatever they're eating as do the
Ottos.  I don't want to starve the poor things.  Like I said, I haven't
noticed any major accumulation of other types of algae.  It seems to be
predominately of the hair variety.
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I suspect my lighting is too intense
and I plan to run out tomorrow and purchase a couple cheap cool whites.
I'll put them in place of two of the VHO bulbs and see if that slows the
algae growth. The plants continue to thrive but even the faster growing
ones are being attacked by this hair algae.  It's a bit discouraging. I
wouldn't mind a high maintenance tank if it were the plants that were
out of control. :)
I test my iron every couple of days and my new Lamotte iron kit shows
the iron level around 0.4.  A partial water change didn't seem to help.
The fish haven't shown any signs of stress.  Would it be wrong to
suspend Duplaplant24 for awhile?  I'd like to see a visible drop in the
iron levels.