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Yoadie yo ho !!!

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Let's talk about: CO2 and Ancistrus

 LS>>>> so I can't compare them from my own experiences.  I have three
 LS>>>> "spotted bristlenoses", Ancistrus sp. cf. temminckii and I'm very
 LS>>>> happy
 >>> Does it have black body with small white dots like stars?
 KK> >
 KK> >No.  Dark brown with yellowish brown spots, about 3 times bigger spots
 KK> than >the "hoplogenys" type you are describing here.  These Finnish
 KK> Ancistrus >cats look much like A. temminckii or A. dolichopterus.  The
 KK> black with >white tiny spots is called "pearl bristlenose" here.
 KK> >

 KK> So, which specie is the more efficient with algae and not agreessive?

I;ve never kept the pearl bristlenose, but according to the
experiences of my friends, the pearl is less aggressive but
less effective with algae just as well.

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