CO2 and Ancistrus

>From: David Webb <DAWB.DSKPO33B at dskbgw1_itg.ti.com>
>Date: Thu, 19 Oct 95 10:35:14 CDT
>Subject: re:yeast CO2 injection

>I would expect for a 1-liter CO2 generator to run for about a week and a half,
>although I only run 2-liter CO2 generators and use basically double the
>ingredients, plus baking soda to keep the pH from crashing.

My experience with 1.25-liter CO2 generator is strong bubbles for the first 
week, start to dwindle in the second week and almost die-off by middle of third 
week. That is 2 weeks of CO2 for 1 liter H2O, half-teaspoon of baker's yeast, 
half-teaspoon of baking soda and 1 cup of sugar. Room temperature is about 86F. 
I found using 2-liter CO2 generator with the same ingredient (1.75-liter H2O) 
has short lifespan, about a week.

>From: Liisa Sarakontu <lsarakon at hila_hut.fi>
>Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 21:16:11 +0200 (EET)
>Subject: Re: Algae eaters and pH
>>  LS> so I can't compare them from my own experiences.  I have three
>>  LS> "spotted bristlenoses", Ancistrus sp. cf. temminckii and I'm very happy
>> Does it have black body with small white dots like stars?
>No.  Dark brown with yellowish brown spots, about 3 times bigger spots than
>the "hoplogenys" type you are describing here.  These Finnish Ancistrus
>cats look much like A. temminckii or A. dolichopterus.  The black with
>white tiny spots is called "pearl bristlenose" here.

So, which specie is the more efficient with algae and not agreessive?