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Yoadie yo ho !!!

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 >> I wouldn't. Too delicate and not that effective as an algae
 >> eater (personal opinion).

 GB> My personal experience is completely counter to this.  Farlowella acus
 GB> seem to do very well in a planted environment and have proven to
 GB> consume copious amounts of algae and are far more effective and less
 GB> damaging than the ubiquitous pleco.

Well, when I was talking about delicate I ment - it doesn't
like too many and too aggressive fish, it adapts to the tank
for a VERY long time (over 2 weeks until it starts behaving
normally, I've adapted mine twice so it's not a one-time
experience) and it dies easily with lack of oxygen, which
can happen in heavily planted tanks.

When it comes to algae, I tried to get it to clean my
goldfish tank at the beginning, but it was still dirty after
a good couple of weeks. And I had beautiful tasty green
algae all over the place...

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