re:yeast CO2 injection

>From: vari at sunset_roma1.infn.it (Riccardo Vari)
>Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 14:53:40 +0100
>Subject: yeast CO2 injection
>Last week I tried to build a yeast CO2 injection system for my 20 gallons
>full of plants tank.
>I mixed together one liter of water, 25 gr of beer yeast and
>a cup of sugar. It worked (one bubble per second) for one day only.
>Maybe I used a wrong quantity of components.
>Does anybody know the exact amount of the components?
>And what about the yeast? What kind of yeast should I use?
>Thanks a lot.

One day is not enough time to complete fermentation unless you've got some 
really spastic yeast.  I would look into one of two things that might have 

1.  Your water doesn't have enough carbonate hardness to buffer the acidity of 
the CO2, causing the yeast to dramatically slow down production.

2.  You have a leak between your CO2 generator and your diffuser/reactor.

I would expect for a 1-liter CO2 generator to run for about a week and a half, 
although I only run 2-liter CO2 generators and use basically double the 
ingredients, plus baking soda to keep the pH from crashing.

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