DIY items

> From: Erik Olson
> Date: 17 Oct 95 19:43:11 EDT
> Subject: reply to Dupla Cable Alternatives?


 >> The Shameless plug: The Krib actually has every original DIY
 >> article I've  ever seen on the net.  If I haven't seen it, I want it
 >> there. :) You'll find a number of articles on constructing cable
 >> heating, CO2,  lighting (though not as fully covered because not as
 >> common),  fertilizers, etc.  You might find a lot of resources there.
 >>  Also check  the FAQ for condensed versions (the Krib is like a
 >> collection of cut-out  magazine articles, the FAQ is like a book
 >> written by people from reading  all the magazine art

Boy I sure hate to admit this, I've worked around computers since 1973 and the
punch card days, have a Pentium 100 at home, been MIS Director for two
different companies, have used Compuserve for years, and well, the sad part, I
have no idea how to cruise the net.  I run OS/2 Warp and it came with something
for the net, but I never did spend the time to figure it out.

If you or anyone else can make a real good suggestion as to how I access the
Krib and the FAQ I sure would appreciate it.  Also I have no local node, being
in a town of 1565 and don't even know where the nearest node would be, except I
think in Mankato MN (I'm in Winnebago MN).