Plant Aid (and hello)

Hello, I've just signed up for this list and I'm afraid I need some

  A couple weeks ago I bought two beautiful aquarium plants, I
  believe that they're Brazilian swords. They are potted in the
  white cotton- like material. They have long thin stems that
  end in large, flat broad leaves that are somewhat oval with
  rounded ends. There's about 6-8 leaves per plant, one leaf
  per stem. They're about 10" high and were in gorgeous shape when I
  bought them.

  Sadly, they are beginning to have patches that
  are turning clear, as many of my plants have. The clear
  patches eventually turn into holes.

  I really want to save these guys, as they're the highlight of
  my tank.

  The tank:

              The tank is heavyily planted. Besides the two
              "Brazilian Swords" there are 3 medium
              amazon swords (that are still alive, though they have
              lost all their original foliage, the new leaves are
              thinner and more elongated). Java moss which covers the
              front of the floor of the tank, giant Vallisneria (sp?)
              (about 8, along the back of the tank  wall), java fern
              (3 sprigs) that are on a piece of wood about 3" diameter
              and 10" tall. There are also about 6-9 water sprite
              floating on the surface.

              I use iron suppliment (tetra florapride) (with pot ash)
              and electrolite suppliment (from Jungle-"Plant
              Saver") very infrequently (once every 1-1/2

              About the same time (2 weeks) as I got the plants I
              changed my florescent bulb (it a 24" bulb) from a
              "plant" type light to a full scpectrum because I
              thought my plants needed more light. It has
              definitely increased in light intensity. Although I
              haven't seen any increase in growth/change. Even the
              vallisneria is breaking down.

              There are 13 fish in the tank (25
              gallon, full hood). There are 2 female bettas, 1
              opaline gourami, 1 dwarf gourami, 2 "powder blue"
              gouramis, 1 chinese algea eatter, 4 male bettas in
              plastic boxes hanging on the inside of the tank, and 2
              neon tetras.

              There's a whisper2 outside filter, cartridge changed
              about every 1-1/2 to 2 months. The ph is about 7.2. The
              tank is about 8 months old. There haven't been
              medications used in the tank for about 2 months. Water
              changes about every 3 weeks. The light has been on an
              automatic timer for about 5 or more months, set for 14
              hours every day. The temperature is 82  degrees. I use
              1 tablespoon of non-iodized salt per gallon of water
              added to the aquarium (started this about 2 months
              ago, before the new plants, but well after my
              similar problems with the amazon and vallis.

              When I first got the plants home I soaked them in a
              salt solution of 3/4 tablesoon salt  per gallon of
              water. They soaked for about 5 minutes and then I
              rinsed them.

              People on the betta and aquarium lists have
              suggested that this plant (I'm still not
              sure that I have correctly identified
              it) is a bog plant and does not like to be
              underwater. Is this true? It is limp
              when I take it out of the water. But
             I've had this kind of problem with the
             other plants in the tank, amazon sword and the
             vallis. especially. They "melt" almost, areas turn
             yellow then brownish clear and then there's a hole and
             the leaf keeps degrading. The stems on the new plants
             (brazilian swords?) still seem green and unaffected and
             go last.

             I have some experience with house and garden plants, but
             I'm obviously in a somewhat different area. I need

             Any advice would be greatly appreciated.