Re: Aponogeton Capuronii

Subject: Aponogeton capuronii


> Please keep me posted on what happens to it.  Mine is currently
> sending up a couple of leaves.

I certainly will!  I posted a note on the Digest about the plant 
when I first got it, because I found it so intriguing. No one 
responded at that time, so I'm glad to hear that someone else is 
playing around with it.  It is really a lovely plant, and as 
unusual in its own way as the other Madagascar Aponos.
> Would you classify this as a "high", "moderate", or "low"-light 
> Mine is sitting under 6 40W grow & show bulbs with about a 10-20
> cover.

I'm not sure I _can_ classify it yet... don't know it that well 
yet.  I am keeping it in a 70G tank with 6 4ft full spectrum 
bulbs. (no floating plants) The plants growth pattern leads me to 
believe that this is adequate, and it shows no signs of getting 
"burned" by that amount of light.  It may do well with less light, 
but in my experience, if you want to get Aponos in general through 
their rest period, you better feed them well and give them plenty 
of light during the growth phase.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA