Sword Plant Cultivation and Pruning

Subject:  Sword Plant Cultivating & Pruning

I have added two Sword plants to my plant tank about a month ago.

Yesterday I looked and they both have sent out a runner with 3-5 nubs
that look like they are trying to become little baby sword plants.  The
runners are not in the substrate but are rather reaching for the light.
Question is what should I do ?

 - Let them be (until they reach what size) ?
 - Push the runner down into the substrate ?
 - Cut the runner and try and grow each separately ?

Also regarding same sword plants, when the outer leaves start to fade
away (or get chewed up by something in the tank) what is the correct way
to remove these leaves ?

 - Cut them close to the base of the plant (leaving a little stub of a
stem to rot away) ?
 - Pull them off the base completely (since they are on the outer edge the
can be removed) ?

I realize I'm not using the best scientific jargon for all these plant
parts, I never really was much interested in that aspect.  They just look
nice in my tank!

Thanks, Scott (from Milwaukee, WI, USA)